Kristyna from Austria 🇦🇹

Hello dear German learners !

My name is Kristyna.
I live in Austria and grew up in Vienna, the capital city of Austria. :blush:
I speak German, Czech and English. German & Czech are my mother tongues, as my mother is originally from the Czech Republic. So I grew up in two cultures and feel at home in both.

I am interested in many things, especially health and holistic well-being has always been important to me. I studied medicine in Vienna for the last years and learned a lot, but later realized that I was not completely fulfilled . Now I am on the way to develop professionally in another direction and would like to further my education in psychological hypnosis.
One of my other passions is dancing to Latin music and music from all over the world, which is why I am also a certified Zumba fitness instructor. :dancer:

It makes me happy to motivate people and help them to reach their goals. :v:
At the same time, it is important for me to create an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable and learns at their own pace.
Now I am excited to be part of the chatterbug team!
I am looking forward to meeting German learners from all over the world and helping them as a native speaker on their language journey :blush:

Greetings from Austria :austria: :sun_with_face:


Welcome Kristyna! What an interesting and diverse profile! I am sure you’ll have a lot to share with the students :hugs:

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Thank you Amandine :hugs:

Hallo Krystina :blush: How cool to grow up bilingual! We are happy to have you here and I wish you lots of fun with your students :raised_hands:.

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Welcome to the Community, Kristyna! :dancer:

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Thank you :hugs: Happy to be here :star:

Hi Kristyna,
nice to meet you :smiley:

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