Kristyna from Austria 🇦🇹

Hi @christopherfoote, a few days ago, we just released a new version of the app. Have you already downloaded it?

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Hallo @Kristyna, Ich habe meine Deutschprüfung bestanden. :partying_face: :tada: A2 Sprechen, Hören, Lesen, und B1 Schreiben. Herzlichen Dank!! :pray: :blush: Ohne dich hätte ich es nicht geschafft. :sun_with_face:


Hallo @nyxtin :blush: Super gratuliere!! :tada: :sparkles: :tada: Ich freue mich für dich :star_struck: Toll gemacht :clap: Bis bald! Liebe Grüße, Kristyna

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Are the classes being changed

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Thank you. Just seeing your response today

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Hi @christopherfoote ! :blush: :wave:
Happy to hear from you. Unfortunately, the club function with the studygroups is no longer available in the streams app, I am sorry.
You can also book a private German lessons with me. :nerd_face:
Just click on the favorite button on my profile and you will see my availability in your calendar.

:point_right:Here is my profile where you can favorite me: Kristyna • Chatterbug

:point_right:Here is an additional guide if you need help with that: Live Lessons: How to Favorite Tutors.

Hope to see you soon :shamrock: Kristyna

hello kristyna i attend leacutre for you and i find that you are very good teacher that make me suscribe to the chatter bug
but unfortunatley i did not find lectrue with you all are booked i hope if you increase your lecture cause it help me alot
thank you
with all respect


Hi @hosssam ! Thank you for your message :blush: I usually plan my availability for the coming week on Thursday or Friday. I will unlock my available lessons for next week this Friday, so if you want to book a lesson with me check back on Friday evening! :four_leaf_clover: Have a great day, Kristyna


Thank you so much for reply many thanks🌹

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hello Krystina,

HI !, i hope you are good. i was reading your profil and i found it so amazing. i am also interested in wellbeing and health, i wanted to know how can i find you in instagram ??
have an great week !
greetings from Lima !


Hi Lima @Whatmiliwants

Thank you for your lovely message! :blush:

Yes I have Instagram :+1:
I am in the process of building my IG account & plan to be more active soon.
You can find me at @kristyna.samitz
See you there :wave: Kristyna

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@bendx Hi Harry :blush:

Here is a great explanation and exercise from our tutor Toby how to pronounce O/Ö:


Hallo Kristyna,
Ich habe unser heutiges Treffen genossen und freue mich auf ein Wiedersehen mit dir.
Pat Patton

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Das freut mich Pat, ich auch :blush: :wave:

Kristyna, Das Program nennt “Die Dunkelheit” lief von 2017 bis 2020 im deutschen Fernsehen. Du kannst es auch in Netflix finden.

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Hi @MathildaW

Here is an exercise for better pronunciation :tipping_hand_woman: (just click on the article)
Have fun practicing! :butterfly:

Looking forward to our next lesson :hugs: Kristyna

Hi @berguner ,
I have opened up another lesson availability next Thursday from 16:30 pm if you would like to book an additional lesson with me before the exam.
If you have any questions, just get in touch here :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a relaxing weekend & see you soon! :+1: Kristyna

Thanks for opening another slot @Kristyna! I want to take that class but I don’t see it in my calendar. Can you please check if the date was correct?

Hi @berguner ! :slightly_smiling_face: Now it should be displayed correctly. (9.11 at 16:30 pm) Let me know if you could book! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I booked it now, thanks @Kristyna!

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