Learn German with subtitles

Hi all you German speakers!

Today I had a lesson with a very nice person (ok, all of you are nice!!) and he was asking me about advice on how to include German - and learn more German - in his everyday life. And besides of taking classes and doing a good amount of self study I find it helps if you watch German TV with subtitles. But German and not English subtitles!
Check out platforms like ARD Mediathek or NDR for example and watch German subtitled news and shows. It is not important that you understand all of the information but it get’s your ear used to it and you subconsciously learn and repeat vocabulary.

I leave you a link to NDR for you to check it out!

Have fun!


Hi Katharina, yes that’s true! It’s a great idea for learning german. Alternatively, by now one can also watch a lot of different series in the german version with german subs on f.i. Netflix!
If one already knows an episode of their favorite show and rewatches it in German, it also becomes much easier to follow it in German and improve it thereby!
For my part, I definitely learned a lot of new expressions and words in English, Portuguese, and Spanish with it! Total recommendation!

Hallo Katharina, ja, das stimmt! Das ist ein toller Vorschlag. Alternativ kann man auch auf zB. Netflix mittlerweile viele Serien auf Deutsch und mit deutschen Untertiteln ansehen!
Wenn man eine Folge seiner Lieblingsserie schon kennt, wird es auch einfacher, dieser auf Deutsch zu folgen und sein Deutsch damit zu verbessern!
Ich habe zB definitiv viele neue Wörter und Ausdrücke auf Englisch, Spanisch und Portugiesisch dadurch gelernt! Empfehle es sehr!


Sehr gut. Danke. Es ist wirklich hilfreich. Viele gegenstand.


Ich habe Google Extensions gefunden, die Untertiteln zu allen möglichen Videos gibt! :blush:


Yeah, I think it’s a great idea to watch with GERMAN subtitles. I also use to recommend that to my students, when they ask me how to improve their German. And it works! I’ve improved my english a lot when I had to learn it in school. :wink:

Ja, ich denke auch, dass dies eine tolle IDee ist! Ich gebe das auch gern als Tipp, wenn mich meine Schüler fragen, was sie noch tun können. Es hilft! Mir hat es beispielsweise auch beim Englischen damals geholfen. :wink:

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That’s a great idea @KatharinaW :smiley:

Watching German TV shows like sport summaries

…or something about pets

might be a way to practice one’s listening comprehension too?

@GunnyunKim you might be interested in the the first show :thinking::soccer::goal_net:
….sorry that I got the times all mixed up last week :roll_eyes:

And @IleanaO you might be interested in the second show? :dog2: :dog::thinking:
…see you on saturday :wink::wave:


Thank you! Yes, anything with dogs triggers my interest! See you on Saturday:)

Das ist eine gute Idee!! Ich empfehle Sendungen für Kinder, wie Anna und die Haustiere und Anna auf der Alm (Untertitel sind verfügbar). Ich denke, sie sind gut für Anfänger (ich habe ein A2-Niveau).



Super, vielen Dank für den link @Silvana_88

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Hi @KatharinaW,

I loved your tip about the German subtitles :+1:

Just discovered a new video game “Berlin Flat Quest”…the advanced learners might want to try the quest in German?
Sad but true, it’s very hard to find a room or an apartment for rent these days in Berlin :roll_eyes:
…anyway maybe you wanna try out the game :thinking: :wink:


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I can recommend you to use the extension called Language reactor. I am using in on Netflix or Youtube. It helps a lot because you can save words and you can check directly the translation.
Hope this helps,

Edit : Looks like it was already provided above. My mistake.


Try also this one :point_down:
Install here: eLang: Learn Languages with Netflix & Youtube - Chrome Web Store
Although this extension was originally designed for studying English through subtitles, I realized that it is equally beneficial for viewing movies with German subtitles, or even dual subtitles in any language of your choice.