Léocadie from France :-)

Merci Stefan :slight_smile:!

Hallo Leocadie,
hier ist Aylin. Ich habe jetzt eine Probelektion bei dir, aber meine Kamera und Mikrofon funktionieren nicht, meldet mein System.
Ich weiss nicht, was ich genau tun soll…
Es ist sehr ärgerlich… ich hoffe, es wird noch klappen…
Entschuldige bitte…


Wenn es nicht funktioniert, schreibe bitte unserem Kundenservice. Sie kümmern sich gerne darum!

Schließlich hat das geklappt und das hat mich gefreut, dich kennenzulernen, @AylinT :grinning:! Danke für den Tipp, @SKrausser :+1:!

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Morning, Leo. I have to cancel my lesson this AM at 12:30 CDT. So Sorry. Can’t figure out how to do it so am sending you a message.

Forgot to say that it is Tues., June 22.

Dear @carol_tift!
Nice to hear form you :grinning: I hope you’re doing well!
I’m not sur we had a lesson together today.
Anyway, you may find some help here to cancel the appointment: https://help.chatterbug.com/l/en/article/c8x9h5b7fg-what-happens-if-i-cancel-or-miss-a-live-lesson
I hope it helps!
Have a nice day and see you soon :grinning: A bientôt!

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Hi Léo. Our baby was born yesterday. Her name is Grace
Notre bébé est née hier. Elle s’appelle Grace.
She weighed 7 lb 15 oz.
Elle pesait 3.6 kg.
Baby and mom are doing well. I’m happy.
Le bébé et maman vont bien. Je suis heureuse!!


Je suis désolée!
Je n’ai pas reçu d’alerte de calendrier aujourd’hui!
Que c’est embarrassant :flushed:
Bon weekend!

¡Hola @Leocadie !
I think we have no more lessons this week. That’s why I was a bit confused when you said that we are seeing us tomorrow or Friday. Anyway, I hope to see you again! :blush:
¡Hasta pronto! :wave:t4:

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Bye. À la prochaine.

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A bientôt, Carol :slightly_smiling_face:! On continuera à discuter de citations inspirantes la prochaine fois :grinning:!

Hi Léo. I have paused my live lessons for a month as we discussed. I’ll be back. Watch for me.

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Hi Léocadie,

Your introductory statement is interesting! It is cool that you studied philosophy at university. I teach philosophy. I’ve done so at various universities for many years.

I studied French for a couple of years in high school and a couple of years at university, but not as a major. Upon graduation from university, I joined the Peace Corps. I lived and worked in a rural village in Mali for over two years, speaking only French and Bambara the whole time.

I worked steadily on my French in Mali. For my first three months in Mali, I lived in a Malian village with a Malian family, as did the other new Peace Corps volunteers that were training there with me. We had excellent Malian teachers during our training period. They were all sophisticated Malian intellectuals and teachers. One of them, for example had a radio program on the national radio station. We had extensive training in French, and a Malian language. I studied Bambara. We also had a lot of cross-cultural training.

After the three-month training, each new volunteer went to her/his location to work for the next two years. I chose the most remote location available, Yanfolila, near the borders of Guinée and Côte d’Ivoire. I loved working there, especially improving my French and Bambara, and speaking French and Bambara with people.

Malians are (or were, when I was there), in general, friendly. From the time I got there, I was constantly being taught French and Bambara by Malian people. There were always children all over the place, and I could always ask them for help. The older people were helpful too.

I did regular French and Bambara lessons the whole time I was there, as the Peace Corps paid for that, and I had a good teacher in Yanfolila.

I had a great experience in Mali, and learning the languages really turned me on to learning. As soon as we landed in Paris, and got off the plane for a short stop on the way to Mali, I could use my French. I was amazed that it worked.

As a kid my dad was an Army officer, and we moved every few years, living in various U.S. states and in Greece and Germany. But since I came back to the States after Mali and pursued a career as a professor, I have been living the same area, in and around Detroit, Michigan.

I have been trying to keep up and improve my French the whole time, reading, writing, watching movies, etc., but I have no one to speak French with here!


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Hi Leo, I unfortunately ended the session by mistake. I also informed the support service. Any chance we can reschedule it?

Apologies for that. Warm regards, Jennifer


Hi @Jensey !
That’s what I thought !
No worry - it needs some time to get use to the platform :slightly_smiling_face:.

I also wrote to the support team.
I saw that you were able to reschedule already - see you later today then :grinning:.

Have a nice Monday !
A tout à l’heure :wave:,


Bonjour, Léo, Je vais revenir aux mes leçons françaises bientôt. (Please correct.) À bientôt.


Bonjour @carol_tift :wave: !

Comment vas-tu :slightly_smiling_face: ?
Tu peux dire : Je vais bientôt reprendre les leçons de français :+1:.

Super :hugs: !
Je te dis à bientôt, alors, et bonne semaine !

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Salut Léo, je suis vraiment désolée!! J’ai oublié d’ajouter notre discussion à mon agenda et je m’en suis souvenu quatre heures plus tard.