¿Me gusta? ¿Le gusta? How to say you like something or someone

Hi everyone :blush: In Spanish we have different ways to say we like something or someone and I know it can get confusing sometimes.

  1. The first rule is easy: to start the sentence you will use the following:

  • Although we have some words in parentheses in the image above :fu: that does not mean that we don’t use them at all. In fact, we use them when we would like to make emphasis on the person. For example someone asks you very surprised:

    Do you like broccoli? / ¿A ti te gusta el brócoli? :astonished:

    You could say:

    Yes, I do like broccoli / Sí, a mí me gusta el brócoli :broccoli: :heart_eyes:.

  1. In order to use the verb gustar with other verbs you just need to use the verb in infinitive, for example:

    I like to sing / Me gusta cantar :microphone:

  2. When you like someone you need to use different verbs depending on what you really mean. No worries it is easy:

  • The verb gustar is used when you like someone physically, and it is used when you are attracted to the person :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:.

  • When you like someone but not in that way :upside_down_face: then you could use caer bien which literally means “to fall well” :face_with_hand_over_mouth:. This one has the same rule as gustar, and therefore you will start the sentence with an indirect object, for example:

    Me cae bien Camilo :+1: or the negative No me cae bien Camilo :-1:.
    ¿Les cae bien Gonzalo? :thinking: Sí, nos cae muy bien :grinning:.

  1. Last but not least we have an exception when it comes to plurals, and it has to do with countable and non-countable subjects, for example:

Countable: Me gustan el carro :oncoming_automobile: y la casa :house:

Non- Countable: Me gusta la política :woman_judge: y la ciencia :woman_teacher:.

I hope this article helps you to understand a bit more all the different ways to use the verb gustar. If you would like to know even more here I share with you the Chatterbug’s grammar article :catbee:. This one gives you more details and grammatical reasons why we don’t say, for example Yo gusto la pizza :flushed:.

Furthermore, @Bea94 shared with us last year an article which explains in more detail how the singular and plural with the verb “gustar” are used, and it even has some exercises at the end :happyllama:.

Finally, why don’t you share with me what are your likes and dislikes? :thinking: I’ll go first:

Me gustan las frutas, el queso y las arepas :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.
No me gusta el pepino :expressionless:.


A mí me gusta ese artículo :joy:


Very interesting point number 4: I thought we always used “gustan” before a plural!
A mí me gusta el pepino ! Pero no me gustan los mariscos :lobster: