¿Me gusta o me gustan?

Hello dear Spanish learners! :star_struck:

I’ve realised that many Spanish learners struggle with this verb, gustar (to like something/doing something) and I would like to help you all understand it with my mini-explanation.

Remember that, with this verb, we always start the sentence with an indirect object. Not with yo, tú, él, ella, nosotros, vosotros, ellos :-1:t4:, BUT with me, te, le, nos, os, les.:+1:t4:

The verb must agree with the noun, NOT with the pronoun. This means that we’ll use gusta or gustan depending on whether the noun is singular or plural.

Let’s see some examples! :nerd_face:

  • Me gusta tu perro. :smile: :dog: (pronoun + singular form + singular noun)

  • Me gustan los animales. :smile: :monkey_face: :lion: :pig: :bear: :panda_face: :rabbit: (pronoun + plural form + plural noun)

  • Le gusta el sushi. :smile: :sushi: (pronoun + singular form + singular noun)

  • No le gustan los videojuegos. :frowning_face: :video_game: (pronoun + plural form + plural noun)

Also when we talk about actions, we’ll use ALWAYS the singular form.

  • Nos gusta aprender idiomas. :smile: :nerd_face: :ceuta_and_melilla: :de: :fr: (pronoun + singular form + infinitive)

  • Les gusta cantar canciones en francés. :smile: :musical_note: :fr: (pronoun + singular form + infinitive)

This structure is also valid for the verb encantar (to love something/doing something):

  • Me encanta tu chaqueta. :heart_eyes: :coat:

  • Me encantan los libros. :heart_eyes: :books:

  • Me encanta jugar al tenis. :heart_eyes: :tennis:

And here you have a song in Spanish to practice this structure, Me gustas tú, de Manu Chao: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TTl38xEbro

Listen to the song and try to fill the gaps.

Me _______ los aviones, me gustas tú
Me _______ viajar, me gustas tú
Me _______ la mañana, me gustas tú
Me _______ el viento, me gustas tú
Me _______ soñar, me gustas tú
Me _______ la mar, me gustas tú

I hope you like it. ¡Hasta pronto! :wave:t4: :blush: