My best 4 tips for memorizing vocabulary

When you learn a lot of new words, it can be hard to remember them all. Here I’ll give you my 4 favorite techniques that I use when I study Spanish.

  1. List of words on your computer. On your computer, keep a note somewhere and call it something like “New Words”. Write down new words or phrases you learn, then next to each one, write the translation to your own language. If you like, you can include example sentences of how to use them. Every day (or as often as you can), scroll through your list and review the words. It’s okay if you have a lot! The goal is to memorize them by looking at your list for just a few minutes each day. Once you feel like you’ve memorized a word, move it to a separate list of “Memorized Words”. The fun part is seeing this list grow and grow every month as you memorize more words! It’s also good because if you feel like you have forgotten a word, you can always move it back to the “New Words” list.

  2. Draw and write technique. In a notebook, write down the new words you learn. Next to the word, draw a picture of the word! It doesn’t have to be good, you just have to know what it is. If it’s a noun or object, draw it. If it’s a verb, drawn someone doing that action. If it’s an adjective, draw something that represents it. Be creative! The key here is that nothing appears in your own language and you are training your brain to think of the word in the foreign language every time your eyes see the object/action/thing/etc., rather than translating everything into your native language. This will help you think in your foreign language.

  3. The Sticky Note method. This works best for physical objects. In your room or house, write down vocabulary on sticky notes and stick it onto the object itself! For example, since I am learning Spanish, I would write down “la mesa” on a sticky note and then stick it onto a table.

  4. Write it on your mirror. Use a dry-erase marker to write down new words on your mirror. We look at our mirrors almost every day, so this can be a quick way to ensure you review your vocabulary regularly! Once you memorize a word, just erase it from the mirror.

I hope this tips help you guys as much as they have helped me. Good luck, language lovers!


Thanks for the tips!

I specially like the “Draw and write technique” for very difficult words. And I think the funnier/the more creative the drawing, the more you will remember the word!


Another tip would be: Use the new word / expression as often as possible in different situations and contexts. This way the new word becomes a part of “your” language.


I use the good old vocabulary book technique. I carry it in my bag and anytime I come across a new word, I write it down.
I like the idea with the drawing!!


Drawing is the best to remember vocabulary!


Thanks for the tips! The first tip reminds me of “Anki” list. You can start from Excel and import into the Anki list and start playing :wink:


Thanks so much for these tips! I’ll try to use them for my german :smile:

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