My top 5 French desserts

The holiday season is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I’m all about eating! :drooling_face: When I’m with my family, I love to bake -not only French pastries of course- but I wanted to share with you my favorite desserts français !

:one: le Paris-Brest

You can find this pastry in any good bakery. It’s pretty close to les choux à la crème (=cream puffs): the dough is the same but the cream is definitely not (nor the shape of the cake)! That cream is actually made with butter, sugar, eggs and praliné (=a sugar and almond/hazelnut paste) .
The mix of tastes and textures is wonderful!!

:two: le fondant au chocolat

A classic chocolate cake but with an ultra-melting texture in the mouth! Take a look at this video from our curriculum to get the difference between fondant, moelleux and coulant au chocolat !
I recently discovered a recipe that replaces the sugar and flour with red beans for a healthier touch: you can taste le chocolat :chocolate_bar: even more intensely!

:three: l’Amandine

Yes, I’m named after a cake! The Amandine is a tartelette which consists of a pâte sablée (=shortcrust pastry) filled with almond cream (and sometimes fruit but I prefer the pure almond version :yum:)

:four: le Kouign-amann

It is a delicious flaky pastry originating from the region of Brittany. In Breton kouign = cake and amann = butter. You got it: the main ingredient is le beurre (salted of course) :butter:! Add some farine (=flour), levure (=yeast), eau (=water) and sucre (=sugar) and you get a tasty snack!

:five: la tarte tatin

It’s a tarte aux pommes but baked upside down: the pommes :apple: at the bottom of the pan and the pastry on top! After cooking, the apples are candied and the pastry is crispy! I like to eat it with a big spoonful of crème fraîche.

Bonus : le pain perdu

Le pain perdu (= lost bread) is actually how we call the French toast! The recipe was invented to use stale bread: it is soaked in a mixture of milk, egg and sugar and then toasted in a pan. I think it is even better if you replace the bread with brioche and sprinkle the slice with cinnamon! :drooling_face:

Here is a picture with all these desserts! The chocolate fondant is easy to find but will you be able to recognize the others?
Have you ever tasted one of my top 5? Or any other French desserts?!


Oh my gosh! That’s so sweet you’re named after a cake, @Amandine! I guess your parents have a real sweet tooth! :tooth:
I’ve only tried le Paris-Brest, le pain perdu (I was introduced to brioche with this dish and I have never used anything else since!) and I guess la tarte tatin since we have a variation in the U.S. :thinking: Would apple pie actually be considered similar to la tarte tatin?
I’m excited to try the rest of the desserts when I find myself in France again. Thanks for sharing!

Do you like to bake these desserts or just eat them? :wink:


Then you know the best version of French toast @JoAnn ! :raised_hands: :yum:

Hmm I’m not sure about the apple pie…:thinking:

On the left is what we call a tarte aux pommes (one layer of dough and apple slices on top), in the middle is an apple pie (two layers of dough with lots of apple in between, am I right?) and on the right is the Tarte Tatin (baked apples underneath and a layer of dough on top)
I think we have three slightly different versions! In your apple pie, the apples are more cooked/candied than in the tarte aux pommes but less caramelized than in the tarte Tatin I would say!

I like to bake simple desserts and pastries yes!! But I leave the more sophisticated ones, like le Paris-Brest to the professionals héhé ! :grin:


Omg this looks so delicious :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:!! I haven’t tried any of these :pensive:, but I would love to try one of them. I think I’m not able to recognize some of them, but I’m sure la tarte tatin is the last one and le pain perdu is the one on the left from the "tarte tatin" :sweat_smile:.

The only dessert that I can think of is Macarons :star_struck:. Well, that I’ve tried of course and I love them!


Of course, j’adore les macarons too @27sp.sandra!!
Top left are some Amandines, then un Paris-Brest and un fondant au chocolat and bottom left are some little Kouign-amann (one can see smell that butter even from behind their screen haha!) :stuck_out_tongue: