Phrasal Verbs: Becoming an adult

This is an exercise taken from our English B1 curriculum. One phrasal verbs is needed to complete both sentences, although it has a slightly different meaning in each.

What is the phrasal verb in question, and what are its meanings? Perhaps you could make up a sentence or two using it, and share here.

What do you think of this exercise? Do you think it is helpful in learning the meaning and use of language such as this?


I always enjoy teaching phrasal verbs! Some of them are really fun!

On those busier than usual days, just before it feels like I’m going to FLIP OUT, I often LIGHTEN UP my mood, by SPACING OUT to an episode of Friends and SCARFING DOWN some chocolate! :joy:



I want to learn lots of phrasal verbs
but i have got a question
i wonder if phrasal verbs is important in English
I think common verbs is more important to have normal conversation
please correct my opinion if I am wrong

This is a great question @2angels :star_struck:
Phrasal verbs are used by native speakers all the time. Even though they can be a bit frustrating to learn at time, they do become fun to use.

Here is a link to another post called “Phrasal frustration” in which I lay out some of my most frequently used phrasal verbs. :dizzy:

I hope these help!

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