Sandra from Colombia 🇨🇴 living in Germany 🇩🇪

To my dear Spanish students: I won’t be able to continue as your tutor. Thank you for everything, and keep practicing! :happyllama:

Hello, everybody :slight_smile:

My name is Sandra, and I come from the beautiful city of Bogotá, Colombia :colombia:. There I became a teacher :woman_teacher:by studying Modern Languages with an emphasis on translation.

I like languages and being able to communicate and connect with lots of cultures around the world. Therefore, I tried to learn at least a little bit of :it: :brazil: :fr: and :de: at the University. I stuck with the last one as a challenge… you know what they say: “Deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” :upside_down_face: and well, nowadays, I live in Germany and now I am pursuing a master’s degree :woman_student:.

I started as a German student with Chatterbug and then saw the chance to teach my mother tongue to people all around the globe. Furthermore, I already had the experience of teaching for schools, tutoring for kids and as an interpreter in Bogotá, so why not? :blush:

In my spare time, I like to go out to dance :dancer:, practice my German, or simply stay at home and watch good movies or series :movie_camera:. I also like to read, travel and go to concerts.

Remember, there is no day in which we do not have the chance to learn something new :nerd_face:, so whether it’s about languages or real-life keep it in mind and try to be open to it.

This video is already 4 years old :hushed: :see_no_evil:. I no longer live in Esslingen, but I’m still in Germany, and I’m very happy to continue being a Spanish tutor here on Chatterbug :happyllama:.


Nice video Sandra! You live in a very cute town :slight_smile:


Hi Sandra I want to enhance my language communication with you
Can I connect with you from chatterbug


Hi @aish.1323,

Thank you for watching the video. I’m glad you want to enhance your Spanish skills :raised_hands: Here is the information that you need in order to begin with me as a tutor for your Live lessons:

Thanks to our Tutor Profiles, you can also favorite tutors you never worked with before. To do so, head to our :point_right:t4: Tutor’s profile :point_right:t4: Favorite.

Once you’ve favorited a tutor on their profile, you will be able to filter you calendar to see just their lessons. You can then book a lesson with them as explained in the previous section.

In the future, you’ll be able to schedule a tutor directly from their profile using the “Schedule” button, but this option is not yet available. So, to learn how to schedule lessons with your favorite tutors, read further!

I wish you @aish.1323 a happy Christmas and hope to see you soon in a live lesson :grinning:.


Hi @Roland61 :happyllama: We got cut at end again :upside_down_face:. I think you wanted to tell me that you will book some lessons. I’ll be checking no worries. Enjoy the weekend :blush:.

Hi @aelnaiem :slight_smile: I found the place we were talking about, in Italy :world_map:. It’s called Lago di Garda. Vale la pena visitarlo :ok_hand:.


Nice profile, Sandra! Always nice to have you in my Streams!

Viel Glück


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Thank you, @Benaman :happyllama: It is also really cool to learn with you German in the Streams :hugs:.

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Hola, @ArneHagemann :happyllama:

Hoy hablamos de la diferencia entre el pretérito indefinido y el perfecto; sobre todo en países latinoamericanos y España. Aquí está el link que te prometí Pretérito perfecto vs indefinido. Este es un podcast y el post qué explicaba todo lastimosamente lo borraron, pero esté tiene un poco de información al respecto, espero te ayude.

Felices vacaciones :sunglasses: y nos vemos en la próxima lección :hugs:.

Hola, @MajoNaese :happyllama:

Hoy no tuvimos mucho tiempo al final y no pude darte la frase en español de la expresión “by the way”. En español solemos decir:

  • Por cierto
  • A propósito

Por ejemplo: ¡Laura, qué camisa tan bonita! Por cierto, ¿dónde la compraste?
What a beautiful shirt, Laura! By the way, where did you buy it?

También respecto a la palabra “eigentlich” en español decimos:

  • De hecho
  • En realidad

Por ejemplo: De hecho yo sé la palabra, pero se me olvida.
Eigentlich kenne ich das Wort, aber ich vergesse es.

Vale, espero estos ejemplos te ayuden :blush:. Te deseo un bonito lunes :sun_with_face:.

Hola Sandra! <3 Eres mi profe favorita!


Hola, @Sophiem24 :blush: ¡Qué bonito mensaje :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! Muchas gracias :hugs:.

Hi @27sp.sandra I missed my Spanish/German lesson today with you was caught up in long meeting. I will reschedule. Sorry to have made you wait. Any chance you can do lessons on weekend?

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Hi ( George :), no worries, I understand. Unfortunately, I’m quite busy at the moment and I only have time during the week. I hope you understand.

Have a great week :happyllama:


Hi Sandra, I am really sorry I missed our lesson today. I was caught up on a phone call that I could not get off of. I´m sorry to have missed our class I was really looking forward to it. See you on the next one though. Happy Easter! Sharon

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Hola, Sharon @sharonbiggar :blush:. No worries, I completely understand, but the good thing is that we will see each other next week :hoverllama:. I’m looking forward to it!

Happy Easter to you too :rabbit:.


Duetschland ist SO schon. Es tut mir leid. Kein umlauts! :slight_smile:


Keine Sorge :grin:. Ja, du hast recht, es ist super schön :heart_eyes:.

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Ja, und Ich mag deutsche architektur sehr. Ich vermisse die Kuche meiner Oma. Ich bin mit Schnitzel und Spatzel aufgewachsen lol… ooh, UND Frankfurter Kranz! mein Lieblinskuchen auf der ganzen Welt!!!


Ich kenne Frankfurter Kranz leider nicht :frowning:. Spätzle kenne ich und es ist sehr lecker :blush:.