Sandra from Colombia

Hello, everybody :slight_smile:

My name is Sandra, and I come from the beautiful city of Bogotá, Colombia :colombia:. There I became a teacher :woman_teacher:by studying Modern Languages with an emphasis on translation.

I like languages and being able to communicate and connect with lots of cultures around the world. Therefore, I tried to learn at least a little bit of :it: :brazil: :fr: and :de: at the University. I stuck with the last one as a challenge… you know what they say: “deutsche Sprache, schwere Sprache” :upside_down_face: and well, nowadays I live in Germany.

I started as a German student with Chatterbug and then saw the chance to teach my mother tongue to people all around the globe. I already had experience of teaching for schools, tutoring for kids and as an interpreter in Bogotá, so why not? :blush:

In my spare time, I like to go out to dance :dancer:, practice my German or simply stay at home and watch good movies or series :movie_camera:. I also like to read, to travel and go to concerts.

Remember, there is no day in which we do not have the chance to learn something new :nerd_face:, so whether it’s about languages or real-life keep it in mind and try to be open to it.


Nice video Sandra! You live in a very cute town :slight_smile:

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