Self Made Flashcards Not Appearing In Flashcard System

Hello! I keep adding my own vocab flashcards, however the flashcard bit of the website only shows me the flashcards relating to my stage in the course (and often my vocab is more advanced).

Is there any way to get the flashcards section to test me on my newly added words?

Hey @MattBunting,

Welcome to the Chatterbug Community!

You have two options to brush up on vocabulary. First, you can let Chatterbug show you a random set of vocabulary via Flashcards on your left hand side bar. Here, your study cards are picked randomly from several units and you might even see some cards from other levels that were not yet mastered.

The second option is to go straight to a specific unit and study only the vocabulary that’s relevant for this subject. To access your unit-specific study deck, head to your Unit :point_right:t4: Vocabulary :point_right:t4: Study Now.

This post explains how our system schedules your flashcards.

There isn’t an option to study exclusively the flashcards you’ve made, I’m afraid. The best bet is to write such words and phrases on post-it-notes or cards, anyway, since the act of writing them down helps your mind to embody the new information. Did you know that a new piece of information needs to be reviewed 60 times on average to be securely stored in your long-term memory?!

I hope that helps. You can also reach out to us via the yellow chat box on your home page at any time during the week.

With best wishes,