Staying Motivated

I go through phases of language learning. One month I will be extremely motivated, taking 4 Live Lessons per week, listening to podcasts, reading what I can, etc. then the next month I am having trouble taking even 1 Live Lesson. I notice this happens most after I come back from a vacation.

I would love to hear how you keep yourself motivated. How do you get started again after taking a 2 week break? Tell me your secrets!


Watch a movie that you know well in the language that you are learning and take notes. I I always turn on the subtitle in the foreign language also…
Movies and music helped me immensely while learning spanish. I got bored with grammar books and exercises so fast…


When I learned Arabic some years ago one of my teachers said, that learning a language is like a stairway. In the time when you apparently don’t progress, (the “flat” part of the stair), your mind applies the things you learned before and keeps it.
After some time you are ready to learn new things and you make the next big step. So no worries about periods without lack of motivation to learn. Just put into practice the things you learned before…
“Noo net hudla…” :wink:


@SKrausser I love that analogy! That also sounds like great advice.

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I think it’s important to have a specific goal in mind when learning a language. For me it was taking an official exam, for example. I was really motivated and did lots of Live Lessons right before. And after actually passing the exam, I was even more motivated to continue so I could take the next one!


Great tips everyone!

Alright @stefanierambow, my goal is to finish 4.9 by the end of 2019! Hold me accountable :sweat_smile::laughing:!!


Definitely this!

Without a long-term goal that’s practical (like taking a test), it’s easy to lose sight of why you’re doing it in the first place; especially on groggy mornings when I haven’t had my coffee yet!

For the day-to-day however, I’m more of a stick motivation than a carrot motivation type, so I would book a bunch of lessons in advance, and if I didn’t do my self-study I’d feel really guilty :stuck_out_tongue: . It was that constant sense of impending guilt that made me get up every morning and do flash cards haha.


I totally understand you @Megan! I also find it quite challenging to stay motivated to learn German. For some reason, I was a lot more motivated when I studied Spanish (but I assumed it’s just because my level wasn’t so low and the language is also more similar to French, my mother tongue).

Yet, I recently realised something pretty cool: about two months ago my motivation was super super low but I forced myself to keep going with the Live Lessons - I do 4 per week. And after a few weeks I felt so much better at German. I received a lot of nice compliments from the tutors, saying my grammar was good and my accent was lovely. It gave me such confidence that my motivation went straight back up.
I don’t think this would work with everyone but sometimes a little push is all we need.


Yeah, I agree with this definitely. I’ve started only listening to music in German and watching shows in German and it is a big help.


@stefanierambow did you do exams with the Alliance francaise?

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Yes, @sareg0, I did the official exam with the Institut Français!


Announcing your goals on social media, to family and friends is also a way to keep yourself motivated @Megan. Now we are all :eyes: YOU!