Text corrections / new feature?

Hi all,
a student told me today that she is very happy about the new correction feature. She wrote a text and it was corrected by a tutor within a day.
She wasn’t talking about Chatterbug Go and it’s autocorrect function or #correctionswelcome.
I actually didn’t know what she was talking about :roll_eyes:…did I miss something? :thinking:
Could somebody fill me in please?

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Hey Melanie! This is correct, we were able to hook up the journal entries to Chatterbug Go so when Go tutors have some downtime they can correct journals. It is actually the same as the correction tool that Inda mentions in her Chatterbug Go announcement. I realize this is not clear about how it ties in with journal entries in Chatterub core so I will make a larger announcement about this later!

Sorry we didn’t announce this sooner!


Hi Megan,

no problem I just thought I missed something :wink:. I think it’s a great new application for the students and like I said my student was very happy about it :+1: :blush:
Have a nice week.



Hey @Megan the reason I didn’t announce it, is because we are going to make some changes in the tool in the next engineering iterations and it’s not available yet to all languages, only German. So this is being tested and will be improved in the next couple of months. Also, it’s not clear yet how many journal corrections we will include and if or how we will charge for that. I don’t think we make that clear to the German users either. I also want to be careful setting the expectation that all journal entries will be corrected at this point. My bad, I should have added a note on that. I added a note to my announcement.


Thanks for the clarification @FrauDrInda!

As some learner feedback, it might be nice to have a place in the journal entry box where you can easily add German language characters and umlauts. I get marked down a lot for not using them, but they just aren’t accessible very easily on my keyboard (I think there is some 3 or 4 key combination I have to use). Maybe this features is already there and I just haven’t noticed it? @FrauDrInda @Megan

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I had reported this as needed feature request but was told that students are rarely using the writing tool hence this feature is not in the immediate roadmap.
Meiner Meinung nach, dies ist eine leichte Aufgabe für den IT-Entiwickler.


Hi @stefilios I have sent your request off to the product team! Now that we have a correction tool, we predict students will utilize the writing prompts more - it is on the radar!



I just wanted to say the new text correction option is brilliant! I hated writing practice as I had no idea if what I was saying made any sense and I was doing my partners nut in asking her to look over what i’d written (she’s Viennese)!

So thanks! Now I enjoy writing as i’m learning from my mistakes.


Hello CB Tutors :),
as I am new here (German) and very interested in learning more about this new tool, please point me in the right direction and tell me, where I can find it in the app.

Much obliged and happy to be onboard.

Best from Bali.



Hi Christian,

welcome on the tutor board :blush::wave:
As for your question, scroll up on this page and check Megan’s post. She put in a link to chatterbug go.
I personally tutor the old way :wink:


Hi Melanie,
thank you for the hint. I will visit the link and read up on it.
All the best and stay safe.

anyone wants to do german conversation practice online? i am prepping for b2 exam

Hi Munira, you can do some conversation practice by scheduling a Live Lesson directly on Chatterbug. Our lessons are built around exercises that are adapted to your level and these exercises guide your conversation while making you practice vocabulary and grammar that’s relevant for your level.

If you’ve been placed at a level lower than 4 (Chatterbug’s equivalent of B2), let us know and we’ll adjust your level to make sure you’re getting all the preparation you need for your B2 exam. :blush: