Tips To Get Your Level Up

Remember that the the higher your Tutor Level, the more appointments with students you are offered from our system.

To make sure your level is always in the green,

  • Change your availability to better fit your availability to get your confirmation and attendance rate up. Find out more about the settings of your availability schedule.

  • Confirm your potential Live Lessons as soon as you get them to increase your confirmation rate. Therefor check your E-Mails or directly your Chatterbug Dashboard regularly. If you don’t confirm or reject a suggested appointment within a few days or hours (depending on when the upcoming appointment is) the system will automatically reject the appointment for you and it’ll affect your confirmation rate.

  • Check on the notification settings of your profile. You can set up SMS notifications, email reminders and get desktop notifications. Click here: Notification settings

  • Use the sync to calendar feature on your Chatterbug schedule to keep track of all upcoming lessons. Your lessons will synchronize automatically and there will be no risk of you missing a session.

  • Tutor more Live Lessons to increase the total lessons. The numbers of your stats are dependent on a rolling window of more or less the last 100 Live Lessons. Also, keep in mind that students who favorite you can easily see your personal availability and book lessons with you again.

  • Get in touch with us if for any unforseen reason you missed a class or classes.

You can find more information on Tutor Levels here, in case you want to look at that again.