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Your Profile in the App

You can now introduce yourself to over 100,000 potential students in our Chatterbug mobile app! Personal introductions and connections are very powerful, especially in the form of video, so that learners can see you, hear you, and get a feel for your personality as a tutor. Take this chance, now!

Your Self-Introduction Short

A Short is a 30-second video, that allows you to introduce yourself! Like all Shorts, your Tutor Introduction Short will not only appear on your profile but also in the rolling feed of Shorts in the mobile app so learners can discover you.

Frame for all videos :warning:

  • Maximum 35 seconds long
  • Speak only in your native language = the language you are tutoring
    (you can add subtitles if you like)
  • Leave the bottom free of text. That’s where your profile will be linked! (See screenshot below)
  • Format 9:16 (film vertically with your phone, not horizontally)
  • Title has to be: “Tutor Intro: your name”, e.g. “Tutor Intro: Johanna”
  • Add the link of your tutor profile to the section ‘personal link’ of your tutor profile

What should be in all videos?

  • Pronounce your name
  • Languages you speak & learn
  • Where are you from?
    Students want to know if you have a certain dialect or accent, e.g. from Argentina or Switzerland.
  • Use the words ‘tutor’ and ‘Live Lesson’, if you use subtitles make sure the Ls are capitalized.

Tips and ideas

Make your video individual and fun!

  • The first 3 seconds are the most important!
    • Catch a user’s attention to keep watching your video … instead of just scrolling to the next one.
    • You could start with a question, or an interesting fact (about you).
  • Add immersive subtitles to make sure students understand, e.g. German subtitles for German tutors help big time.
  • Connect on a human level by sharing some personal details of your choice
    • Favorite color/country/food/music/time of the day/season
    • What makes you happy? What are you afraid of (e.g. heights)?
    • Do you have pets?
    • Other interests or hobbies that students could connect with.
  • What could happen during a Live Lesson with you? e.g. hearing a seagull in the background from time to time
  • Call to action at the end:
    • “I’d use the adjective … to describe language learning. What about you? Tell me in a Live Lesson!”
    • “My favorite German word is … What is yours? Tell me in a Live Lesson!”
    • “For more info, follow the link on my profile!”
  • Use Chatterbug logos and assets so students see this is ‘official’ and legitimate. Assets to download below.
  • If you’re working on another Chatterbug project, you can mention that, too (e.g. Study Groups, correcting writing exercises, …)
  • Pay attention that there is nothing important at the bottom or on the right side because that’s where the title and your profile will be after the upload! See the screenshot below.

How to edit & upload

Prepare to film

  • Take notes and stick them next to your phone, so you can peak while you’re speaking (in your native language).
  • Practice 1-2 times before starting the recording


  • We recommend using your phone! Typically, phones film in the required vertical 9:16 format.
  • Pay attention that there is nothing important at the bottom or on the right side because that’s where the title and your profile will be after the upload!


We recommend the app CapCut if you’d like to edit your video. With this app, you can easily add subtitles, other images, combine video clips, etc. Alternatively, you also have a few editing features within the Chatterbug app!


Open the chatterbug app and make sure you are seeing the flag of the language you’re tutoring in the top left corner. Go to the Shorts section. Do you see the + sign on the right-hand side? Upload directly to the app there. The video will then automatically appear on your profile, too.

Alternatively, you can send your video to Janina. She can upload the video for you: Email Janina


You would like to see how other tutors did it? Here are some lovely intros, just follow the links:



For some reason I don’t see the Chatterbug logos and assets to download? When I click on my profile in the app, I also don’t see the + sign in the app to upload a short video. Could it be that my phone is too old and doesn’t have the right operating system? I have an Iphone 7. Thanks for the help :grinning:

Hi @LynnChat, can you see the assets now?

I’ve created a little video guide on how to post your intro. You’ll see, you can only find the + sign in the Shorts section, not directly on your profile. All videos that you post in Shorts, will be added automatically to your profile.
However, you’re also more than welcome to send me your video, and I’ll upload it for you.

Additionally, you’ll have to make sure you’re using the latest version of the app.

Hope this helps!


Thanks for showing me how! Very helpful!

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I tried to upload my tutor introduction short a few times but the app wouldn´t let me. I sent you my tutor introduction short to your email, Janina. Could you please try uploading it for me?


It’s live @Hikari2220 :slight_smile: Great job!

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