Website vs phone app integration

I just joined and I’m confused about the how the web site is designed to used with the phone app. I’m finding really different materials on each; the work I’ve done on the app isn’t showing up on the web site. Please advise. Thanks!


I also observed the same thing. However, I think the website and phone app are built to work differently. From my usage of both, I noticed that when using the web site, its more practical and has exercises to engage you mostly in your theoretical learning , writing and has videos from documentaries to familiarize you with native speakers. While the phone app has mainly tutorial videos on various topics. I advice you use both to fully have a wholesome learning of the language. I hope this helps!


Thanks that’s helpful!


Hi @JoyceR, welcome to the Community! As Nankur pointed out, on the website you can find a lot of exercises such as readings and flashcards and also have 1:1 Live Lessons with tutors. On the app, you can select your level and find (Live-)Streams based on a unit from Chatterbug’s curriculum (A1-B2) and you will also find original content created by streamers and the Chatterbug team. The idea behind Streams is to give students more exposure to the language they are learning by allowing them to have access to hundreds of streams that deal with everyday situations.

Even though they are not fully integrated, as Nankur mentioned, the combination of both the website and the mobile app will definitely help you take your language skills to the next level!


Thank you! I really love the livestreams–they are so unique and engaging and help me fill in the missing pieces from having taken French classes in high that focused on grammar rather than speaking. Not to mention that I never had a native French speaker as a teacher!