Welcome to the Chatterbug Community Forum!

Welcome to Chatterbug’s community site!

This forum is for all Chatterbug language learners - we are happy to have you here!

A couple of important things you should know before diving into the forum:

  1. Read the Code of Conduct - this is extremely important in order to maintain a positive and safe space for everyone
  2. Stay on topic
  3. When creating a topic, create a clear and concise title - ie “Understanding there, their, and they’re”
  4. Post in the correct categories (see below)

If you are studying German, Spanish, French, or English, check out the respective links. In each category you can ask questions regarding the language you are learning.

To learn more about Chatterbug tutors, go to the Tutor Introductions category.

Chatterbug News is where you will find out what is happening at Chatterbug, including new features, updates, etc.

Check out Chatterbug Events for all announcements on events happening in Berlin and beyond.

None of the above suits your topic? Then head on over to the Random category.

If you have an important question that needs to be solved right away, or there is something you would like to discuss with the team that you do not want publicly shared, contact us via the chatbox on your dashboard.

We are thrilled to have you here and look forward to help you connect and learn with your fellow Chatterbug language learners and tutors!

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