What makes learning German hard for you?

Hey everyone,

When I’m helping others with their German I constantly try to put myself in their shoes to anticipate problems they might have with a certain grammar topic, words or expressions. This is easier if my student speaks English or Spanish, as I also know these languages. So most of the time I can guess what my student is trying to express or why he/she makes certain mistakes (e.g. using the sentence structure of their mother tongue) and explain it.

But of course we have German Learners from many different countries here and each and everyone is different. So I wanted to ask you guys to let me know what is/was especially difficult for you to learn? I would love to become more aware of everything you struggle with in order to help you better!


Prepositions and their verbs, cases, and verb placement!


Prepositions for me too; it feels like to actually learn them just depends on seeing tons of use-cases. While there feels like some logic, I’m pretty hit or miss when actually using them.


I completely agree… sometimes I feel like I can talk about complex topics such as politics and my career, but when it comes to moving a piece of furniture or doing something that is manual labor I’d have no idea.