When gaming becomes study!

In the German forum, I responded to someone who wanted to know what to do after C1… I suggested, among other things, that they could play a multiplayer game in German.
As I have no live lessons this coming week - for some reason I seem to have used them all - I decided I would play my main game in French at around the time I like to have a Live Lesson: 9 am French time.
I have been doing this too rarely, and it is something I would like to do daily, or at least a few times a week…
A quest-heavy game, with lots of interaction with the characters, is the best. One learns some interesting language this way.
I got started today, and I streamed it. If you would like to see why I suggested this as a fun way to keep up with language, you can watch on Twitch. There is one recording already, it will be online for two weeks. If you would like a more permanent example, I can look at putting some of the episodes on YouTube.
I have started a quest line, so one quest will lead to another and eventually an entire story will unfold.


Hi @cyberjanet!

This is such a great way to learn and improve a language! I’ve been such a nerd when it came to computer & console games when I was younger, I even regularly bought gaming magazines to keep up to date :sweat_smile: - but I haven’t played in many years.
Language learning and the interactive nature of computer games sounds like a perfect fit, especially when you love a certain kind of genre. :raised_hands:

I really like quest heavy-games, like rpgs and adventure games (as a kid I loooooved point & click adventure games, which is a niche, but still producing absolute gaming gold imho).

Come to think of it - my english massively improved after playing Lucas Arts adventures as a teenager, I just might replay my favorites in italian!

Beginners should just be aware, that some genres tend to have a very specific style of language, especially when it comes to some rpgs.

@cyberjanet, have you noticed some “historic”/old fashioned/poetic french wording in the elder scrolls series yet?


@Toby, have I noticed some “historic”/old fashioned/poetic French? I think my whole conversation with Eshundir yesterday was just that, he was quite charming and interesting, and the Puissent cent nuances de chance teinter votre journée was worth clipping. Why do I stick with Bonne Journée?


Puissent cent nuances de chance teinter votre journée

Wow, that does sound wonderfully poetic! :blush:

Thanks for sharing your twitch channel, that’s a great way to get an idea of how the gaming world functions and it’s perfect to discover what one might like!

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