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Give your employees the fluency to succeed


45 minute 1:1 classes with trained tutors

Simple, consolidated billing

User management tools and progress monitoring

Flexible pricing with lessons from €13

Online language learning for modern teams

Whether you want to help your expats feel at home, or you have executives who need to get up to speed swiftly, Chatterbug is the best way for your employees to get conversational quickly and flexibly.

Interactive lessons

Your team doesn’t want another Zoom meeting! Chatterbug’s fully integrated online-classroom is fun, focused and effective

For every level

Our CEFR-alligned courses from A1 - C2 adapt automatically to each learner’s individual progress

Easy to administer

Easily add and remove learners from your account with free user management features and automated billing

Choose from these languages

English, German, French or Spanish Learners can study multiple languages simultaneously

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Other online platforms
In-person group training
chatterbug for business

Focused 1:1 Lessons

Easy 24/7 Scheduling

Interactive Online Classroom

Zoom or similar

Individual Levelling For Each Learner

Automated progress tracking and certification

Flexible Per-Employee Billing

Empowering multilingual teams at

How Chatterbug works for learners

  • One on One Lessons
    One on One Lessons
    We believe that speaking practice is the most effective way to learn a language. Chatterbug's method centers on private video lessons with hand-picked tutors from around the world.
  • Integrated Curriculum
    Integrated Curriculum
    Our method features a fully integrated curriculum crafted by our teachers and language learning experts to prepare and guide you through your live sessions. Never struggle for what to talk about.
  • Get Certified
    Get Certified
    For every finished level you get an official CEFR certification to prove your language proficiency to your employer or school. Finish in half the time it takes with an in-person language school.

A comprehensive language tool

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speaking all in one app

  • Learn with Repetition
    Learn with Repetition
    Before your live lessons, memorize new words and grammar topics with our cutting edge spaced repetition flashcard software.

Get your team speaking today!