Reading : bandes dessinées modernes

:books: As I said in my post on classic comics, new formats and modes of narration have appeared in the last decades.

Je vais vous présenter :1234: auteurs modernes que j’adore :

  • :one: The most famous is probably Riad Sattouf. He wrote several great comics but the most successful is “L’Arabe du futur” which has been translated into many languages. It is about his childhood spent between the Middle East and France with a lot of humor and self-mockery. The language is sometimes very colloquial and you may not understand all the references/jokes but the story is easy to follow overall!

  • :two: The most “journalistic” is Emma: she started by posting her little boards related to current events on a blog (still active and super interesting!) and several excellent collections have been published since. I love her feminist, environmentalist and anti-capitalist rants!

  • :three: The most feminist is Penelope Bagieu. Her series “Culottées” draws the portraits of women from different times, social and cultural backgrounds, who have marked history. Short stories, easy to read and interesting!

  • :four: The most nonsense is Fabcaro. You have to be receptive to this kind of humor, completely absurd but personally I find it hilarious! His most famous comic “Zaï zaï zaï zaï” tells the story of a man who is wanted because he lost his loyalty card… Even if there is not much text, it is undoubtedly the most difficult author to understand of the four!

:bear_smile: Et vous, lisez-vous des bandes-dessinées ? :nerd_face:
:owl: And you fellow tutors, what are your favorite modern BD?


Voilà mon coup de cœur pour la BD “L’Oasis” de Simon Hureau (en français) !