Time Zone and Time Format Settings

Tutoring online comes with the great advantage that you can tutor from anywhere. Make sure your time zone is always up to date to not loose track of your Live Lessons!

Your Settings

In your account settings, you can adjust your time zone. You can also choose between the 12 hour time or 24 hour time format. Here is where you find it:

Does the change affect confirmed lessons?

If you have confirmed appointments on your dashboard, they will simply appear in your new time zone after you changed your settings. Changing your time zone won’t cancel any confirmed Live Lessons.


You are tutoring in Vancouver, Canada for two more weeks, but next month you want to tutor in Berlin, Germany. You have two options, but in both cases you set up one-time-availability from now until your departure to Germany.

  1. You do not set up any availability for the time after your arrival to Germany. Once you get to Germany, you change your time zone and set your availability up the way it suits you (and your jetlag).
  2. You don’t want to take any break and already know, that when you are in Germany, you want to tutor every day from 4pm-7pm. If you want to be offered appointments in this time slot already, you set your availability from 7am - 10am Vancouver. Once you get to Berlin, you change your time zone settings so you see the appointments in your local time zone. You double-check on your availability calendar immediately after changing your time zone to adjust it, if necessary.

You can find more information here about one-time-availability and how to take some time off.

Will you tutor from another time zone for more than three weeks?

  • Let the Tutor Community Management Team know. Please send them a short message, it will help them to plan and organize. In case a student writes in to ask for you, they can let them know when you’ll be back.
  • You can easily let the students know. Your regular students might miss you! Give them a heads up by adding a little note to your tutor profile. Here’s how you can edit your tutor profile.